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Re: Fitted love? Yes or no?

The fitteds in my active stash right now are:
-Stretch Bamboozles (newest additions to my stash)
-Kissaluvs Marvels fitteds
-Piddle Poodle I bought used
-SBish Snapless multis
-A couple Dream Eze fitteds I use as "cream" diapers
-A bunch of oldstyle Thirsties fab fitteds I rarely use but keep for nostalgia

I purged recently and kept the ones I like (aside from the Thirsties I listed), getting rid of the fitteds I didn't like so much. Out of those, the only ones I use for nighttime are the SBish. I haven't used the Bamboozles for nighttime yet but they seem to make good day time diapers, all the fitteds I have do.

I love AIOs, they make up a lot of my stash. I actually like fitteds more than pockets right now, weird I know but I am really bad about stuffing the pockets, despise it actually, ahaha. Fitteds are also what worked for us when my kids were "in-between" or in weird fit stages with the pockets, or absorbency needs.
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