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Re: How much is your monthly grocery budget?

Originally Posted by xoxoproverbs31 View Post
How is $100 a week even possible???
I mean you've gotta have already a lot of staple items correct?? I just can't wrap my mind around just $100!

-Not saying anyone on here does or doesn't, BUT I don't want tips abt how shopping at Walmart is the cheapest deal. I've read mommy blogs and other articles and all the budget ones say they shop at Walmart to save money and I won't shop there anymore. Horrible standards and horrible service won't allow me to overlook their "low prices".

Has anyone shopped with Azure Standard before??
If I go into walmart, I have to have a list (or my WIC stuff). Otherwise I end up doing a lot of "oh we need this", and "I could use this for something" on stuff that we really don't need, and I end up spending twice as much there. So I am trying to stick with the weekly ads and deals for our local stores and KS and SW. That is it right now. I don't know exactly what we spend, but we are left with only a couple dollars at the end of the month and that is what I want to get away from.
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