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Re: daycare misgivings

These things are all things I would pull the kids out for. But, not immediately. I'd look for someone else and give a two week's notice. They aren't reasons to yank her out without warning.

I know it's hard to find affordable care, but if you P.M me your location, and tell me what you are paying her, I might possibly be able to help you find someone wonderful. I belong to several daycare message boards, and all the ladies on these boards are really great. I know for sure none of these friends smokes. All are extremely dedicated to this job.

I suppose my question is - would these concerns compel you to remove your child from the daycare, even if you'd have to quit your job/degree in order to manage it? Or do we stick it out for a couple of months until we find a better solution, on the grounds that I am not worried that my daughter will suffer major and irreparable harm?
Oh...and, NO... I would not give up a career or degree over these issues. I'd still take the time to find something that works better.

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