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Re: Please help me keep going...

If you're having a lot of pain, (I'm sure you've checked this already but will mention it just in case) check that you don't have thrush/nipple yeast infection. I had it for months with my first w/o even knowing it and think it was due to getting antibiotics during labor b/c I had a fever during delivery (DS never had thrush...only I had it). It was sore, painful, scabbed and bloody, and I would often cry through our Bf'ing sessions and b/c of the pain I wasn't able to relax and DS was a slow gainer for awhile (and everyone was telling me it was latch problems for the longest time). Nursing pads would often stick, and cause more problems, etc. and it was all due to the yeast issue which isn't something you can really look at and know it's yeast. I just thought it was natural or b/c of a bad latch. The LC that I worked with eventually figured out that it could maybe be a yeast issue and said you could put hydrogen peroxide on your nipples and if it bubbled, it meant yeast was present. And bubbles there were. It took awhile to get rid of completely, but it was amazing once it was gone. Hope you figure out whatever it is!!!

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