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Does this sound like pink eye?

So a friend's little girl had a very gunky eye and her mom kept her home for awhile thinking it was pink eye, but later figured it was just part of a cold because it didn't act like pink eye. Shortly after that my DD started having discharge from her eye. I let her go to school because her eyes weren't red at all and it was both sides, so I figured it was just a cold with some sinus interaction. I've been putting breastmilk in her eyes (yay for nursing the baby and having it available!) And it does seem to be helping somewhat.

Now my friend is saying her son (older, same age as my DD) has it and his is classic pink eye symptoms. DD is at school right now, since I thought it was cold/sinus crap, so I can't take a picture. Does it sound like pink eye? Even without the redness and it being both sides? If it is, I'm going to feel SO guilty for sending her to school!! I'm planning on running to the health food store after the baby's nap to pick up some colloidal silver, cause I'd like to avoid antibiotics if we can.
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