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Re: 4 week old will only sleep on me!

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all of the replies; they are much appreciated. As far as swaddling goes, we have tried it! She was doing fine with being swaddled when we first got home from the hospital, but after the first week or so, she started to HATE it. Initially, she'd cry while being swaddled, but then calm right down...not any more! She screams bloody murder because she's so frustrated that her arms are pinned down, and she Houdinis her way out of everything we put her in. A friend of ours gave us the Miracle Blanket, because that really holds the arms in, and it was a no go. She fell asleep for all of five minutes, and then woke up grunting, shrieking, and squirming to beat the band. Our little baby was so angry! So we've given up on swaddling, although maybe I'm getting desperate enough to give it another go.

As far as other, external factors go, we keep the temperature of our bedroom between 69 and 71 degrees or so, so it's plenty warm enough, and she sleeps in a cotton onesie, cotton footie pajamas, socks, and a lovely, cozy, LanaCare woolen sleep sack. We tried a hat initially, but she hates those too, and she'll squirm around until she works it off!! She's feisty like her mom.

I play womb sounds for her as white noise, and that worked for the first few weeks too, but not anymore! She's on to me. And we have a fan going while she sleeps, to increase air circulation and reduce our risk of SIDS.

The only things mentioned that I haven't tried yet are a hot water bottle/heating pad to warm her mattress a bit before putting her down, and a pacifier. We were waiting until she turned one month old on recommendation of our pediatrician, to avoid "nipple confusion." I think I'll see how she does with the pacifier tonight. Maybe it'll work. Fingers crossed!!
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