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Re: DCF - What to Expect?

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
Do you get help for your children with special needs? If not, I would take this as an opportunity to ask for help.
Exactly. It sounds like things are really tough for you right now. As others have said, clean the apartment, make sure you and your kids are clean, have food and beds. Do you have a boyfriend or anyone else living at your place? I don't think they are looking to take your children away.

Ask what supports they can recommend/offer regarding your oldest's Aspbergers. Would you be eligible for any sorts of in home therapies or respite care? Edited - I see you are already hooked up with Head Start and have IEPs - that is good. (My 2 year old is also severely expressively language delayed - the jury is still out on other issues at play like autism, intellectual disability, ADHD - so we are just now starting to navigate these services. Him being so behind makes me feel like a cruddy mother on a daily basis, so I get how you are feeling).

If you do not/cannot work and do not receive child support regularly, how are you able to live? Maybe they can point you in the direction of free legal help to get the child support you are owed. Is there any possibility of moving in with family who can offer more help to you? If your mom is washing dirty diapers, she sounds pretty supportive! I can see how no laundry on site and no access to a car would make the laundry pile up fast. Can your mom take all the laundry once a week, not just diapers and uniforms? How many uniforms does your son have? Any possibility you could hand wash his uniform in the tub and hang to dry if it gets dirty between washings? I hope you are able to find a job once you graduate and things get easier soon.
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