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Re: daycare providers -- how do you do it?

Originally Posted by Shimpie View Post
My sister cared for my DD starting at 5 months for 32 hours a week. I paid her $30 a day for a full year. She initially refused the money, but I'm sure she appreciated it after a few months of a crazy hectic schedule. At the time she had her own 3 year old in part-time preschool and a 3 month old. Sis also knew her limits. She refused to watch DD any more than 4 days a week so she could have one day off to get Dr. appts and errands done.

Like all the PP's sis would babywear or push the babies around in a stroller so she could keep up with her 3 year old. She had a routine where they would go to the park nearly everyday. I couldn't afford to buy another carseat for sis, but I would take my carseat out of my car every day and install it in her car. I wanted to make sure sis wasn't grounded at home, that she could still run her errands or drive in an emergency. Also, during the first few months while everyone was getting a routine down, I would often run errands for my sis. I picked up her unexpected grocery needs. I picked up take-out lunch or dinner. It was WAY easier for me to run errands with no children in tow. On weekends or my Friday off, I made sure sis could get some down time by watching her kids for a few hours. Basically, I felt she was doing me an enormous favor for cheap and I didn't want to be a greater burden than necessary.
you are the best sister ever! kudos for showing true appreciation for anothers hard work. and how fantastic for your baby to spend time with family
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