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Re: DCF - What to Expect?

Originally Posted by doodah View Post

for the carpet issue, whats under the carpet? can you just pull up the carpet and get rid of it entirely?
I wish I could!
We are the only ones left in the building with carpet. Tenants don't last long around here, haha, so when they have moved out the landlord replaced carpets with that snap together wood flooring, but we haven't moved out yet! I DOUBT I can convince the landlord to replace the carpet for free THIS week because my son peed all over it and DCF is coming...yea lol. Underneath the carpet is just like plywood or such, so I can't even ask to pull it up for the meantime.
On a side note, anyone have a good recipe for carpet shampooers? I ran out of the chemical it came with, but I don't like to use chemicals and just water doesn't do the trick on that carpet anymore!

Yea. Hopefully they can see the situation as it is. I have sacrificed my life for these kids, it has been one heck of an investment, and I sure try my damnedest to make sure they are properly cared for and happy.
And no, we are not living with anyone else. I have a boyfriend, he doesn't live here, but does a tremendous amount to help me out as is.
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