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Re: 4 week old will only sleep on me!

Originally Posted by EmmaGM View Post
Reflux lots of spitting up. But with silent reflux they don't spit up, or not often. Faolan makes this weird.. clicking sort of noise. Like the sound right before you throw up? But then he never actually does. That's the acid coming up and going back down. It's worse, causes more damage to his esophagus.

The official symptoms but Faolan had none of that and his milk scan was BAD.
She sometimes makes a clicking sound while she nurses, but I thought that had to do with the thrush. (Yep, we both have thrush. Good times.) And sometimes after she eats, she clearly gets uncomfortable for 5-10 minutes or so...tensing up, arching her back, getting red in the face...although it's only sometimes. I have some food sensitivities myself, so before she was born, I cut out gluten and dairy, and then after she was born, I cut out soy as well. We have an appointment with her doctor on Thursday, and I certainly have a lot to ask about!!
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