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Re: Coconut, almond, rice, or goat milk

My daughter who can't have dairy also can't have goat's milk. I would go with Hemp. If its not available locally you can order it online- its shelf stable until open (at least that is the only way I have seen it). We use soy with no issues because it was the most nutritional choice that was available to us at the time. Now 4 years later when hemp is readily available dd is set in her ways and won't try it. I would probably not do almond at 9 months for worry of a potential allergy. My dd is allergic to peanuts and we avoid all tree nuts. She is also allergic to coconut so no coconut milk. Rice, while the least likely to cause an allergic reaction also have very little nutritional value. It would be my last choice. If allergies were not an issue I would more than likely go hemp 1st, almond 2nd, coconut 3rd, rice absolutely last.
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