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Re: Coconut, almond, rice, or goat milk

Ds is definitely not allergic to coconuts, he eats coconut oil in food (he eats what we eat, we use as a dairy substitute in things) and coconut butter on toast.
It's a good point about almonds that still a chance even if he's had peanuts and coconuts?
And I looked at some rice labels and agree there's not much in there.
We are lucky that ds is not truly allergic to dairy. It makes eczema break out and gives him cold symptoms but nothing dangerous so I'm not worried about offering him a little to try. I will read on raw vs pasteurized also, I know a lot of beneficial things get destroyed in the process. The farm we buy a lot of our meat and cheese from sells raw goats milk and I would feel good giving that to ds.

I think I could get hemp milk at a store here. I'll go look at some labels when I go later. What's in hemp that the others don't have?
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