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Originally Posted by mibarra

He actually says in his article he thinks we should continue to appreciate these things dad's do. I don't think the compliments are the point at all. I think the point was he felt that society should start expecting "fathering" from father's. Basically he is disappointed in the "low bar" set for dad's and thinks we need to work on changing that.
DH is super involved and doesn't think twice about it. When comments are made about uninvolved dads he's like,
So he had this funny story about one time going outlet shopping with DD and I was trying to tell the story to my friends, but I never got past, "so dh took dd up to the outlets last week..." They couldn't get past the idea that he would actually leave the house, with one kid, to go clothes shopping :-) ummmmm yeah if he didn't she would be naked, lol.
His dad was super uninvolved though, so he is consciously trying to be UNlike him.
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