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Re: Beware of Babyland & other "China" eBay nappies

I bought 2 babyland diapers on Ebay awhile ago- I was up late with the baby and my tiredness made me unable to not bid on cheapie diapers. I only ended up paying a little more than $1 for each one and let me tell you- they were not even worth the $1 I paid. They were so small even fully un-snapped and the "insert" was a glorified washcloth. I wasn't expecting much and I got what I expected. I guess I knew they were going to be junk but the thrill of buying a diaper for $1 at 2 am was just so exciting to me I couldn't pass them up

I ended up giving them away for just free on here because I would have felt bad making another mama pay one cent for them.
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