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Re: Our dog is missing:(

No flames from me!

My old lady that passed recently escaped our property 3 times (3 different properties and we fixed the holes each time). I found her each time. First time a neighbour picked her up. Second time I found her running towards a main road! Third time she squeezed through a fence and into our neighbours house.

My boy escaped with her once and was found kilometres from our house 5 hours later by a security company.

I really hope to hear a good update from you soon. Is he wearing a collar with tags? If not, when he gets back, put a bright, reflective collar on him and some name tags.

My biggest fear is my dogs don't wear collars at home. If they get out its the microchip I have to rely on. The reason the don't wear collars (or in our case, harnesses) is because they play very rough and can get tangled. If that happens when I'm not home they can seriously injure themselves.
Banned for 6 months for ignoring repeated request to be polite/respectful.
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