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Re: My son wants his hair long

Tharen's hair It isn't normally in his face like that, I part it in the middle but it is curly and can get a bit wild. He had long hair until he was 2.5 and then asked to cut it into a mohawk and I let him. He just started growing it out a year ago (he had an Oi like mine for a while). His hair stayed back pretty well on its own with just a little styling lotion because of the curls but when necessary I used clippies to hold it back. He likes clippies and used to wear them in his bangs when he had the Oi. He will not let me pull his hair up when we are at Taekwondo so he wears a bandana then and when he is skating roller derby (most of the guys wear one under their helmets).

And of course Kearnan He is 11.5 and has had long hair almost his whole life. I started letting it grow when he was 2.5 but he did cut it once when he was 7. He prefers long hair. When it was growing out this last time I did clip it back for a while to help it stay parted. It wasn't hard to train his hair to part.

all of my guys have long hair Dh has been growing his hair out for a couple of years, his doesn't grow as fast as the boys.
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