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Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
Yes. Any boogers in the eye would be contagious to others.

*off subject* I had a jerky daycare dad tell me "Well, I've decided not to medicate her". So, I said "Then I'll see you in a week or so". He was not pleased. I think he assumed I'd let her come anyway, since "he decided".
That's just rotten! If DD's had looked like what I recognized as pink eye, instead of looking like sinus stuff, she'd have been home immediately! I had every expectation of keeping her home today, but several doses of colloidal silver last night and she woke up clear this morning! And really wanted to go to school.

Course, now DS1's eye looks a little goopy so now he's getting the silver to head it off at the pass. Unfortunately it's harder to get the drops into a 2 year old's eye than a 5 year old's! He may end up having to take it orally.
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