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Re: My son wants his hair long

I only have a daughter and know my DH would balk if we had a boy who wanted long hair, however, I say let him do it. I do think that it's difficult for others to recognize a boy from a girl and can see who people mistake boys with long hair for girls since all children have such beautiful faces it's easy to mistake, but so what. I think you're teaching your child a much more valuable lesson by letting him make the choice to be an individual than to conform to what some people believe is more appropriate. In this modern day and age, it's important for children to learn to accept others regardless of whether they look different or not, but by not allowing him to grow his hair when he wants to, you have to decide why you won't let him. You may have valid reasons to say no, and that's absolutely fine, but if it's just b/c DH doesn't want him to look different than his peers, then keep in mind the lesson he's learning whether you vocalize it or not. This is just my and I'm not saying my POV is the right one so please do not be offended by my opinions. What is right for one family may not be the right thing for another so I just wanted to offer my (outspoken) opinion on the topic
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