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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

Sometimes it is simply misinformation or lack of knowledge. My MIL hated our cloth because she thought it was bulky. In truth, her generation thought sposies were the greatest thing because they didn't have to deal with cloth anymore. She said only poor people used cloth. So, by using cloth I think she considered it a slap to the face of her generation's parenting. She demanded that I provide sposies for my first cded baby on the rare occasion that I left him with her. I provided front aplix pockets, but she said she needed "easy diapers." I even told her to just stick poopies on the wetbag and I would deal with it. How is that not just as easy as sposies??? Dh finally told her that we did not buy sposies and that she would only be provided with cloth, but that it would be just as easy as a sposie.

Often, it is just like any other decision in life....if you do something different from others, for some reason they are offended. I got it when I used cloth, when I breastfed, when people hear about my diva cup, and when I started homeschooling. I hear it when I tell others that we don't own paper plates or that I don't eat things in a box. I think basically it boils down to the fact that people are accustomed to convenience, and when you go against the "norm" then they take it as you saying that their decisions are inferior.
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