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Re: The involved dads...

Originally Posted by jennayoung99 View Post
Dh takes DD out by himself all the time. He said others make him feel weird when he's out with her. He gets stink eyes from older ladies, like she's not his child, or weird parenting advise or correction, like he doesn't know what he's doing because he's a man. Or if he takes her to the bathroom to get changed he gets looks like he's some pedo. This doesn't steer him away from taking her out, he loves his alone time with her, and he loves being a father, but it does bother him that fathers aren't looked at as fit, proper, or competent caregivers. I'm not sure if its just because we live in a small town and its not seen often, or if it is a truely international problem.
We live in a pretty big city, and my dh has had the same experiences. A few weeks ago, he took dd to the park and an older lady came up and asked dd if he was her dad. I was so pissed when he told me about it, urg! He does get a lot of unsolicited, bad advice, but then again, so do I, so I'm not sure how much of it is gender-based!
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