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Originally Posted by AVDesigns

Oh I'm not telling him he can't grow it long. I'm encouraging it! I love his hair long! DH doesn't like it but tough for him. LOL I was just looking for some tips on keeping it up while it's growing out and some ways to train it out of his eyes and also some pics to show DS so he can decide how long he wants it.
I missed that part
We just let his hair grow, the one time a few months ago that we got it trimmed they completely hacked it. After talking to a few moms if sons with longer hair I learned, never take them to a children hair salon. They don't know how to cut boys hair, all they can do is use the clippers and do a traditional boys cut.
Find a barber shop or don't cut it.
My son has no issues wearing ponytails, he asks for them and wears them to school.
Most of the time I just part it to the side after his bath and add a few bobby pins until it has dried some.
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