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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

I didn't read through all the comments, but... having worked as a nurse in a peds office... our docs finally had to have a form for parents to sign. They also had a letter and if you weren't following the AAP schedule of vaccinations, you fell into the category of refusing a vaccine because in essence you are refusing the doctors advice. This protects the doctor because some parents will attack the doctor if their child ends up hospitalized with a vaccine preventable illness. It may also be the practice policy. Our doctors would include in the chart, a copy of any alternative vaccine schedule the parent was following so there would not be confusion with subsequent visits. Our practice requires parents to sign giving permission for vaccines, so it is reasonable they would also need a signature if you are refusing. I know that term sounds harsh, but again, you are refusing the advice of your physician. Oh, our docs also would have the parent sign or initial that form and a letter at each well visit. Part of the letter stated that though the parent may not be refusing vaccines entirely, they were refusing the schedule the practive follows. It also included that the parent should/would keep up with regular well child checks even if not vaccinating. Some parents choose not to see the doctor for well child appointments if not vaccinating and then have complaints if a developmental problem is not caught/addressed which can be difficult if the child is only seen for a specific "sick" issue and not having the focus of well child development/health. hope that helps!
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