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Originally Posted by listalees View Post
Gotta say, I'm a little confused as to why masturbation outside marriage is not ok but inside of marriage it can be ok. I mean, if you already have another source for that pleasure, you have less need to masturbate. But, if you haven't found someone, that release is just another thing unavailable to you. No companionship, no love, no partner....let's just add no pleasure to the list. Seems a bit unfair that the people most sinful in masturbation are the ones that are alone.

A person's sexuality is something that exists whether or not they are married. Also I agree that it is somewhat of a physical and mental release. It is also good for maintaining strength in those pelvic muscles. And I do think woman have more successful sex lives if they already know how to relax and are familiar with the area and have some idea about what does and does not feel good.

Also, in the case of young children it is not sexual at all. They have no fantasies linked to it, they have no concept of sex. They just find it feels good, like if they were stroking their own arm or something.

As to my girls, I will teach them that any interaction they have with their womanhood should be done in private. When they get older, I will talk to them about what a big deal it is to share their body with another person. I will much more concerned with their knowledge that it is special and not to be shared with just anybody.
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