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Originally Posted by Kiliki

I believe that ALL sexual acts should be reserved for those who are married. I believe this is what the Creator intended.

As to whether it feels good, is physically or psychologically "good for you", makes you more fulfilled as a person, helps you save your virginity, helps you "release", makes you sleep better.... or whatever other arguments there are in favor of it, they all become invalid in my mind when I consider God's thoughts on the matter.

For me, the Bible is the final authority on all matters. No amount of science or.human logic can trump what the One who designed us has to say about what is right or wrong or healthy or not for humans.

I feel that pretty accurately sums up my thoughts. With that, I am bowing out of this thread.
But the bible says nothing about masturbation. Your god didn't share thoughts on touching oneself privately.
Many things to many people.
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