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Re: Families that went from 2 incomes to 1 after having kids....I need help please

Frugal. I only worked in summer but now not as it just isn't conducive to varnishinbreastfeeding. Only thing flexible enough with Bennett work. I didn't make enough to cover child care either so we souls have been siren moretrfor me to work.i'm selling things now and I have a site I do that helps with somethings plus aS my kids only ones on my side my mom helps out a bit if she can for somethings. Each time we have kid a bit more refund so I try to have it drag out as much as I can & budget lots with cloth. Thankfully with switching cars has helped some......we just changed allowances too so that helped bring in a bit more monthly. I put all my $ in savings like bday & like as help too..... I don't need anything right now..... just a bit nerve shaking as we switched health to help as well as it was gonna hike up. I would look for assistance when available too.
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