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Cps isnt always evil.

How old are your kids? What state do ypu live with? Thats going to help depend on If beds are a big deal.

Can ypu have a friend come over to help Keep the kids under control so you can talk with her and Keep track of Whats happening?

Social services didnt ask me about vaccines they did ask about dr and for his récords showing dates hes been there for care but mine was a Medical neglagence claim. So i dont know it came back unfounded.....

They checked for food, asked about the Medical concern, checked for running water, asked what I needed, checked for bruises, etc....

They did give me a vaccuum and hook me up with resources to help me. She was actually a great help to me.

I cosleep, dont vaccinate, etc... Im fairly free range. Itll be okay deep breathes

Do you have craigslist? I have found alot on there and freecycle. Maybe you can
find a bunk bed.
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