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Re: Beware of Babyland & other "China" eBay nappies

With my first baby, I had an extensive WAHM and USA made diaper collection. It was pricey, but we had the money then. With child #2, I did not have the luxury of spending $20+ on used diapers or $25+ on new ones, so I went with Alva and cartoon diapers. Honestly? They have held up just fine despite that I dry them on hot every time I wash. They are cute, work good and are cheap. My luxury dipes this time? Bum Genius Freetimes. I have 6 I bought used that I covet.
Circumstances change. It's not that I do not support the USA, it's that it's nearly impossible to diaper cheaply with American made products. Yes, I have flats and prefolds. Guess what? Mostly made in China. As are my covers. Unless, I get pricey WAHM flats and covers, which then defeats the whole purpose of diapering cheaply. A $10 flat? Yeah, no.
If we have another baby at some point, perhaps our circumstances will have changed and I can again have a USA made stash. Until then, my sweet boy has his hiney covered in China cheapies.
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