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Re: Deciding not to breast feed in advancei

I think a lot of it is lack of support. If people were even slightly encouraged or educated they may at least want to try. So much advertising is out there to make bottles and formula look like that's the way to go. I really didn't have a support system and had only been around one nursing mom in my life. I was never really exposed to it. I'm not sure how I ended up nursing my first dd for almost 3 years! Probably because she wouldn't go to sleep any other way lol. I already have people asking me when I'm going to wean my 8 month old, I'm like wean??? what's that? lol

I had a friend who had a baby that was a few days old and he was on formula. He kept rooting and wanting to nurse and she said it made her sad. I told her to just put him there and try! But she never did. I think she didn't want to quit smoking and wanted to be able to drink.

I totally believe in a mom's right to choose and I know there are some cases where they legitimately do not make enough milk. But I also think mom's are not only shortchanging their baby but also themselves! It can be a wonderful thing to share with your baby. I LOVE breastfeeding. It can be hard and exhausting, especially in the first 3 months or so, but I try to tell people if they can get past 3 months, it's a whole lot easier.
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