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Re: DCF - What to Expect?

My father has not been very helpful with things of late, and this matter proved no different.
I found and ordered a loft bed from Walmart, cheapest one I could find even with rush shipping (which I haven't received a shipping notice for yet, cross your fingers!) My mom has been kind enough to find money for a new twin sized mattress and a new toddler size mattress (my older son has completely destroyed his, I'd prefer not to pass it on with the toddler bed to my preschooler.)
After buying the bed, plastic mattress covers, and doing ALL the laundry, I am so beyond broke! I was able to sell a few things to help balance it out, cross fingers that I can sell off the last few infant items in my apartment this weekend! They are so very much in the way too.

I wish you could see my apartment and offer suggestions!
I will be putting my oldest into the play/sewing room with his new bed (we have all been in one bedroom until now, but he is almost 6 and I worry what he might see/hear/understand about mommy sleeping with her boyfriend hehe). I reorganized and cleaned that room like crazy yesterday, so it should be almost to my standards of acceptable. My living room feels very cramped and I wish I could think of a way to fix it in time. On the to-do list is all the regular "need to cleans" and those stupid carpets to shampoo. My boyfriend is here weekends, so he can help get the bed situation together (it is being shipped to him anyway).
We now have clean laundry and are way over stocked on healthy groceries, for a positive.
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