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Re: After 3 months...ready to give up...

Try washing your GADs to strip anything that might have been used in production that is causing it to repel. You can also use the shell as a cover and lay your insert on the fleece. I never had leaks when I used GADs. What did you stuff it with?

Is cloth important to you? If so, I think you can work with some of the things you have to find a solution. If they don't work, I am going to second the momma that suggested Sandys and a pull-on cover. Sandys are awesome diapers with nice stretchy elastic all around and fit almost like underwear. With a wool soaker, ME Airflow, or Prorap Side Snap they are bulletproof.

ETA: I am sorry that you are frustrated. I had one ds just like you mention: hard to fit, needed low rise, no pressure on tummy, and refluxed. He did outgrow it, but not while in diapers. It will get better though.
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