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Re: Refusal to Vaccinate Form

Originally Posted by Green Decals View Post
Some of those forms actually open a parent to liability because some of them state that they are risking the life of their child and others by refusing the vaccine. I have signed a few refusal forms for my kids, and they simply stated "I am refusing vaccinations". They don't have to be the long, drawn-out, liability producing forms that are common place in some pediatrician's offices - some of which are worded almost as if to say, "call DCF because I am abusing my kids". It's a vaccine, just like any other medical choice that we make for our kids. Does the doc make you sign when they recommend antibiotics and you decide to wait and see? Does the doc make you sign when they recommend cutting out dairy and you decide not to follow their advice? Doctors aren't God, they aren't cops, they aren't judges. Failing to follow their advice does not require a signature. What protects doctors from liability is proper documentation of patient care. If a parent refuses a vaccine, the doctor simply needs to note that, and it would behoove them to also inform the parent of the risks and benefits, and document that, too.
The doctor & clinic are not going to be reported to the CDC if your child is lactose intolerant or has an untreated ear infection. They DO get reported when your child acquires a vaccine preventable illness! They do need to protect themselves beyond routine medical record info when the CDC comes knocking on their door!
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