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Originally Posted by Spunkify
I don't think it was just that. There was probably an allegation of neglect that was communicated and that's why they're coming out. From what I've seen and heard (especially with my sis and her messed up family) you're lucky they gave you a "warning" call and didn't just show up.

You do sound overwhelmed, overworked, and unable to handle the kids. Maybe the school is picking up on that. At any rate, you can tidy up and what not but your attitude about and toward your kids is going to have the biggest impact on them, as well as the overall condition of the home. I would be honest with DCF. Tell them that you've had your share of bad things happening, hit a point where you felt downtrodden but you're working toward your goals in baby steps. Be honest about your abilities to parent your children, and tell them if they'll help you you're willing to do what it takes to make things right. They may have options and resources that you didn't know about. Once there is a paper trail it may hurt you a little bit but it may also help you to get whatever services and help are available to you and your children.
As a former DCF worker I have to say this is spot on. Your attitude will make a WORLD of difference. Ask for help and show them your willingness to change. BE HONEST because if you lie you'll get caught and it will make things much worse. Social workers can find out a lot of things just by calling. From what you've said I see several smaller red flags which the school has probably seen too. See this as an opportunity for change. Good luck!
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