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Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange

I understand this fear, I really do... but.. most recent studies have shown that the risk of SIDS stems from an unhealthy lifestyle in utero and then being around smoke, etc as a newborn. Of course, that's an unpopular stance because the whole 'Sudden infant death' thing is, by definition, 'sudden' and unexplained.. but.............. the truth is that common links have been found between the vast majority of cases (some exceptions apply).

it may take a little time before you trust her to sleep on her stomach, but in the long term, it might be the best solution. A few sleepless nights now, but good healthy sleep habits over the long haul.
What the studies really show is that there is no explanation that they can find for SIDS. One of my good friends lost a baby to SIDS 4 years ago...she is definitely not an unhealthy person and did not do anything during her pregnancy to increase the risk of SIDS.

Her baby was on her back in the middle of the day when it happened. No reasons. No signs. She has since had 2 babies and is the most paranoid mom I know because of these "studies" that make her question what SHE did to make Ayvah die.

I think the "experts" don't always know what's right...

****not attacking you or pointing fingers...****

Op...both my boys slept on my chest at night at that age. It was the only way I slept. We are not a co-sleeping family but I knew I could change the habits of a small baby much easier than a toddler. We ended up swaddling and using the carseat next to our bed for the first few months. Both my boys had severe reflux and if they laid flat they would spit up terrible. Once they were able to roll themselves I couldn't keep them off their tummy. That was around 5 mos.

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