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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Feb 1-14)

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
Alice &'s your month!
And yours' too!!!!

Originally Posted by yellowitchgrl View Post
I am still reading, just not very active anymore. Still baking
miss you posting, Sarah!

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
Just had my appt. I lost .3cm of cervix

Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
So here I am- experiencing a loss and a pregnancy all at once. The mix of emotions are so unusual...
Wow. I don't understand his insensitivity. I'm sorry mama.
Many congrats on your healthy boy, but many many for the loss of his sibling. I cannot imagine dealing with all of that, loss and a rainbow pregnancy, at the same time.

Originally Posted by wordmama View Post
I'm a stalker (and silent cheerleader) of this thread
How are you doing, Lucy?

AFM: Finally got my computer back! I am a bit worried there's something more going on with it - been plugged in all night and the battery only charged to 99% But for now I've got it and am back!

All seems well with Hiccup. I did have a strange bleeding episode last week, Tues evening. Then brown when wiping on Wed. Nothing since. No more spotting or bleeding, no contractions or cramping, Hiccup is dancing away in there. So
I didn't have the courage to go get things checked out when it happened. I was too shocked and could only think "One year ago today, Elli was dying inside me." Just can't handle thinking about hearing that news again ever... let alone at the same time as before.
So I don't know what it was all about - DH had been rubbing my back and trying to make my hips crack, pushing hard against them, maybe that caused a blood vessel to break? or it could be totally unrelated.
Oddly enough, I had nothing like this with any of the boys but did have pretty much this exact same thing happen with DD1, and nearly the exact same time (about 30wks with her, 29+2 last week). If Hiccup is a girl, I'm wondering if maybe there's a hormone shift/surge in baby at this point, or in my body, that could cause the bleeding?

Anyways, all seems fine now, so we carry on!
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