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Originally Posted by Mom2Connor
I KNEW, and I mean KNEW this baby was a girl. My symptoms were totally different. I had that "gut" feeling. My DS's ped and my OB said it sounded like a girl.

HE is definitely a boy based on 20 wk ultrasound. And I mean definitely lol.

I tried so hard not to get my hopes up because I know all those old wives tales are crap. But everything said girl.

Honestly, I think it makes people feel more motherly to say they just "knew" and they were right. Like they are somehow more connected to the pregnancy YK? But it's a 50/50 guess at the end of the day so for all those who think they knew, there are equally people who thought so too, and were wrong.
I completely agree with you re: all of this!

With my first, I thought girl for the first half of the pregnancy. (We were Team Green.) But towards the end, I started thinking boy. DH predicted boy from the very beginning and felt strongly about it. All of the OWT and Chinese Gender Predictor pointed to girl. Baby was a boy. This time, everything has been opposite of DS and everyone is predicting girl so far (I think everyone just predicts opposite of what you have, though.) I had a dream that I had a baby girl the day before I found out I was pregnant (which prompted me to test) and 18 m/o DS says "seester" when I have asked if he is going to have a brother or sister. I am still telling everyone boy, though. I secretly really want it to be a girl but I was opposite with DS so I will probably be wrong with this one too. We'll find out in a little over a month whether it is a boy or girl.
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