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Re: TTC while Breastfeeding. February

Originally Posted by flmamao2 View Post
Yay for a new thread!!

Levi has his 1 yr checkup today ( only 3 weeks late) can't wait to see how much that lil boys grown!

Positive or what I think was positive O stick yesterday. BD fri/sat/sun hope to sneak one in tonight but the chance is slim, and Tuesday for good measure.

We were supposed to prevent for a cycle or two but, well that just didn't happen. Iv tried to find valid research and all I can come up with is when the woman is ready physically (ovulation) and emotionally to try again. So here we go
I think they do that for ease of dates. I say go for it if you are ready physially/emotionally. fxed for you!

Im floating along in ntnp land. Im hoping my cycles lengthen out a little bit. Im right at 25/26 days and Im not too happy about that. I used to be 28 days exactly and then after each baby its gotten shorter. Im turning 30 this year (eeeekkkkk!!!!! I can't believe it. ) and Im hoping nothing is happening fertility wise. I would really like just one more baby I think. and FXED for a girl, but if it was a 3rd boy Id be fine with that also. So we'll see what happens.
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