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Re: Transverse at 25+ weekes?

you can try putting a frozen pack of peas (or something similar) right above where the baby's head is and slowly moving it down a little bit at a time. Let it make your belly REALLY cold. Babies don't like the cold and will try to move away from it. If you do it in the right direction, you might be able to get the baby to move head-down.

We did this with my last pregnancy. It was pretty late in the game (I wanna say like 32 wks?) and baby was head up - head under the ribs, feet in my hips. (don't remember which side.) We used something frozen and moved her head down. She flipped back one more time, we did it again and then she stayed the right way till birth.

You can try it. It's non-invasive and can't hurt you and the baby, so I'd def try something like that before anything more drastic.
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