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Re: Fenugreek, mothers milk tea, and thyroid issues.

Originally Posted by tibeca View Post
Pregnancy and post partum can do nasty things to your thyroid. I always go hyperthyroid after my babies and then crash hard by 3 months post partum. Then we double my usual dose for about 6 months, when things finally level out.

If you have a regular doctor, can you call in and request a blood test only, no appointment. Have them mail your test results and compare it to your previous results. No doctor appointment needed unless you need your meds upped. My doctor does it that way for me all the time.
If it comes to this, I will definitely do it this way to save money. Our fridge pipe busted and we are about to put the kids in daycare so i can find work. Fnancially I just can't go (even just labs) right now. But this is a great suggestion and if all else fails I will go this route. Thank you.
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