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Re: Elimination diet

I'm right there with you mama, except that my little one is 6 months old and we've been battling the skin rash since three months. I eliminated dairy as well and gluten products which helped a lot as well, but he's still scratching. My DS3's poops used to be 1x every four the seven days but they have changed to 1x/day after stopping dairy and gluten. As for snacks, I *try* to stick to fruits, nuts, gluten free bread with avocado and salt and pepper. You could also use sunflower butter instead of peanut butter. I discovered some easy soups to make during this season at this website as well as gluten and dairy free snacks: Someone else suggested a total elimination diet at Dr. Sears' website but I found it too restrictive and I was stressing out. Basically with that diet you eliminate all allergy prone foods for two weeks then gradually add other foods every four days and monitor any reactions. When I find the site address I'll post it for you. I bought some probiotics for my LO too, but haven't been able to feed it to him yet since he hates the bottle. I hope things get better for you and your little one. I know how frustrating it can be!
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