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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Feb 1-14)

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
Had a quick scare at my OB appt this morning. The tech measured my fluids at a 5 and my OB had a hard time getting the little lady to move. Sent me over to MFM where they sugared my up for the NST and did a BPP. She reacted well to both and that tech found another fluid pocket, bringing my total to 9. Safe for a few more days! I think the stress got to me though bc once I got back to work I started not feeling well so I came home to rest.
Yikes! That does sound scary! I hope your hospital bag is packed and by the door just in case! You go back again later this week, right?

When I was pregnant with my son, which was a scary, complicated pregnancy, they had me coming in BPP's 2x a week. I showed up for my appointment that was 1 week before my scheduled c-section and it turns out I was already 4 cm dialated! They sent me over to the hospital ASAP and he was born as soon as my hubby could get there. Now, my situation was an entirely different set of circumstances...but let me just tell you, it was shocking and very emotional....even though I had known for weeks that he could come sooner than we thought. Thankfully in the end, everything turned out very well

So....BIG and sending some your way....keep us posted!!
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