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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Feb 1-14)

Originally Posted by yellowitchgrl View Post
I am still reading, just not very active anymore. Still baking
glad things are going well for you

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
Just had my appt. I lost .3cm of cervix.

Luckily, I still have 4.6cm. And she jumped and bumped and partied the whole time. The doc was like "is she like this all the time?"


Tw doc wonders how I sleep...HA!

All looks good

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Glad everything looks good and you have a champion kicker in there. I love feeling those kicks, sooo reassuring!

Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
Hello- I had a few people refer me to this thread- hopefully it is the right spot for me.

I am due July 21st with a boy. This pregnancy started out with twins and we lost Baby A around 13 weeks. Generally I am doing well and focusing on the positive- having a healthy baby boy! Yesterday I had a surprise cry at my ultrasound appointment when the Dr. showed me Baby A. I think she did it to try to make me feel better, but oops- it certainly stirred up emotions. She told me that Baby A is shrinking and will be absorbed in my body soon and will be "obliterated." I'm sure she didn't think of what that word would mean to me, but the whole thing was so sad. I had difficulty then going on with the rest of the ultrasound.

So here I am- experiencing a loss and a pregnancy all at once. The mix of emotions are so unusual...
I'm glad you found your way over to us, though sad you have to be here. Such a difficult situation you have, enjoying a pregnancy you've longed for while a grieving the loss at the same time. I'm sorry your OB wasn't as sensitive as she should have been. Sometimes doctor's don't seem to get how their technical speak causes harm.
When I was going through my 11 week D & C, one of the intake people that was reviewing my procedure used the term "abortion." That was absolutely not the reason I was there, it wasn't my choice to loose my child and it was upsetting. I corrected the man and said "d & c," but it still made me feel worse than I already was.

Anyway, hope things go well for the rest of your pregnancy..

Originally Posted by ingrid5699 View Post
AFM-thankfully after 2 trips to the ortho and getting a nice support belt for my symphysis I'm doing much better. No more pain unless I overdo things or make a wrong movement. Nausea and vomiting is the same so that keeps me from overdoing things anyway. We go to see the perinatologist Tuesday and it will be my first real appointment since December 19th. Not really counting the level 2 u/s here because that was just the u/s. Baby boy is sooooo active and already waking me every night because he kicks so hard. LOL And he hates me having a full bladder and will actively punch it when he thinks I need to use the restroom :P Love that part of pregnancy and trying to treasure it because this is definitely my last. (unless God has a very weird sense of humor!)
glad to hear you are doing better!

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
Had a quick scare at my OB appt this morning. The tech measured my fluids at a 5 and my OB had a hard time getting the little lady to move. Sent me over to MFM where they sugared my up for the NST and did a BPP. She reacted well to both and that tech found another fluid pocket, bringing my total to 9. Safe for a few more days! I think the stress got to me though bc once I got back to work I started not feeling well so I came home to rest.
Oh my! That must have been surprising. Take care of yourself!

AFM: Nothing new here. 23 weeks, feeling regular kicks and loving it. I've felt comfortable to purchase all my newborn diapers and babywearing paraphernalia. I have an ultrasound on Thursday with my specialist, just a regular check up for me due to high blood pressure issues. I'm on meds and it's under control, but I have to see a specialist every month to monitor things.
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