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With my first 4 pregnancies, jumping up and down joy. I usually tested at like 6am when I had to pee after sleeping. I think I said something along the lines of "good morning daddy" one of those times to wake my hubby up with the news.

With my 5th (2nd successful pregnancy), I just texted him "guess no more caffeine". Thought he would catch on, but he didn't. Had to explain it.

With my 6th pregnancy I didn't believe my eyes. Went and bought a different test, then just kind of stood there shaking and laughing in disbelief. When hubby came home I had ds2 in his ds1's "big brother" shirt and the typical "bun" in the oven, which I asked him to check on.

With this pregnancy, gosh, I can't remember...have to ask hubby.
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