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Re: ~~Monkey Butt Soap Bits~~Liquid Wipes Solution~~Baby Baff Bars~~

More Baby Baff Bars coming soon! The bars are new and improved and for now on will be made with over 50% of Organic oils, soaps etc. I changed bases/oils and have been making my own Cold Process Bases for the Baby Baff bars .

Just stocked a few more jars of Whipped Diaper Butter.

Coming soon: Baby Fresh Baby Baff Bars, Sweet Candy Fluff, Yeah for Yummy, Honey Vanilla Love Dust. I also need to make more Cold Process Batches for upcoming soap bits batches and Baby Baff Bars. Also coming out with some Cold Process Soap Bars very soon. Right now, they are in the testing stage and I am working on a few different methods to make my Cold Processed Baby Baff Bars perfect.

All Baby Baff Bars and Soap Bits are new and improved!!!
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