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Re: Feb chat for Feb Mamas!!!

Originally Posted by The Fancy Pansy View Post
My BH have become torturously strong, without feeling quite like "real" contractions. So every time I wait for the climax of the contraction to see if it's "real" or not, then get frustrated.

I can't walk because of my hips, so here I sit being tortured.
I hear ya on the BH... I don't like the waiting to see if it's gonna turn into a real one

AFM - Hubby's interview is *tomorrow* since he is off today, but it's in the morning. I've come to peace with baby coming when baby wants to come. Before I had thought Feb 9th was going to be "the day" so since that's still a few days away I really don't "need" to feel anxious until Friday I notice the day after the night when I can sleep well I'm all for baby sticking for as long as baby wants, but then the nights when I cannot sleep I'm ready and waiting for a BH to turn real I figure I never have gone early with my previous two so I don't expect to this time around.

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