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Re: Medicaid and OOPS! I didn't make it to the hospital birth..

Originally Posted by AmeliasMum View Post
One thing to be wary of...KNOW your GBS status. If you are ++ and have a homebirth and take you newbie into the hospital within a few hours, they are likely to keep him for at least 24 hours to monitor. If you don't know your status, same situation, they will usually hold the babe for observation. This has nothing to do with Medicaid, but rather Hospital policy. I fell into this last time, NOT knowing my status and fighting tooth and nail to get out of the Hospital before the 48 hour mark. I am currently 31wks, and have already made damn sure my OB is testing me at the 34-36wk mark, in case I go early. Good luck Mama! My first two were totally Unassisted births, and we had planned on this babe being the same, but he has kidney issues that will need to be checked out after his birth.
Good point!!! Thanks !
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