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Breastfeeding situation- comfort vs. growth spurt?

DS is 7 weeks old and has been much more alert this last week. He even started smiling at us this week! He has also had a harder time going to sleep. He will get fussy and worked up- almost to the point of being overtired. Nursing used to help put him to sleep but less so now.

For the last three and a half hours (4:30-8), he has nursed four different times for over 15 min each. This is highly unusual. I also pumped 3 oz during that time period. When he unlatches I lay him down to sleep and he won't stay asleep like he used to. Clean diaper, burps, walk around. He is still fidgety so I offer again and he feeds again.

He was congested all last week and couldn't breathe well so he would feed 5 min a time, every hour.

Is he over his cold and eating to make up for it? Has my milk supply lessened? Is he nursing for comfort or having a growth spurt? Ideas?
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