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1. Utter shock. We had been TTC and charting for 3 years and I had started to give up hope. Lost that baby a week later.

2. What???! This BFP was 6 weeks after our m/c so a huge shock. Prog script called in and everything went great. Welcome DS!

3. OMG!! Shock and kinda freaked. We had been NTNP for 2 months. Honestly I figured it would take years again if it ever happened. Lost that baby 2 weeks later as doc wouldn't prescribe prog.

4. Sorta expected. BFP 6 weeks after our m/c again. Called the doc as soon as they opened and my new doc called in my prog script. We are 20 weeks today and it still hasn't fully sunk in that we will be parents to 2 kids in a few short months.

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