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Re: Medicaid and OOPS! I didn't make it to the hospital birth..

Medicaid will cover your prenatal expenses regardless of where you give birth. They have a million bazillion clients - they process claims all day long and don't look at the "complete picture" of your history of care. When you prenatal provider bills them, they will pay per their negotiated contract, so long as you are covered at the time the service was / is rendered. The only "issue" is that you will have to call your provider's office to let them know you had the baby, because normally the birth is what triggers them to bill the insurance. I'm sure they'd eventually go ahead an bill, but I think it just goes more smoothly if you just let them know.

As long as you are still covered by Medicaid at the time you have the surgery, I believe that Medicaid will pay for it, but I'm not an expert. I would call their customer service number and ask - that's the easiest way to get a straight answer :-) Good luck!
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