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Re: Does breech "run in the family"?

Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post
Well first of all, breech IS a variation of normal. I understand the stress of that in this day and age though!
Thank you ladies! It is helpful to hear others' perspectives. I had been thinking about a chiro. I'll have to find out if that sort of thing is covered by our insurance. I would totally rather pay OOP for a chiro though, than have a cesarean.

As to the above, I really doubt that I would have any support for a vaginal breech delivery. And I wouldn't be comfortable attempting it without lots of support. There is one dr I know of in a neighboring state that does/did them, so I would look into him. But I am not at all sure my DH would go for it.

[Edited to ask] Fernhollow, how many weeks were you when you sought out the chiro? I have been hesitant to do too much since it is probably normal for baby to be moving around a lot still at 33 weeks. At least, it feels normal for this baby. I don't want to move them into a position that they are just going to get out of, possibly getting tangled in their cord when they move. IYKWIM.

This baby is transverse a lot. Yesterday s/he was head down, I am pretty sure, so that was hopeful! I had placenta previa with my DS, so he lay transverse the whole time, lying right on top of the placenta.

I know it is early yet, and I am trying to stay calm because I think that probably affects how baby feels about his or her position as well. Maybe. I have been doing to the alignment exercises from spinning babies, but I will look into the others that were mentioned as well!

Thanks again!
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