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Considering not circumcising. No judgments please.

It's kinda complicated for me because it's a struggle with my religious beliefs. My husband is intact so I don't think it's dirty and he doesn't have any problems with his parts or with what his son looks like either way. We're Messianic Jews, so kinda Christians who believe in keeping the Old Testament laws and follow many Jewish traditions, which would of course include circumcision. I also believe the Bible is the infallible word of God and that God's ways are the best. I know some intactivists think it's horrible to carry something out just because of religious beliefs, but I don't think they can understand how much a faith can mean to you and be a part of you, not that you do things without thinking, but that it's your framework. Also circumcision is a big part of the community. It's a special celebration, a tradition that links people together for generations, a symbol of belonging, of who you are, of how you live your life. Anyway, I know I can't make someone who is not religious understand, so I'll leave that, I'm just asking they you try to see where I'm coming from and why it's hard for me.
But now we've found out the baby has a cleft palate (it seems to be a minor one) and will need surgery to fix it. That got me to thinking that I didn't want him to have to suffer circumcision too though I don't think that it's as painful as some make out, and we would of course make sure proper pain relief was provided.
So anyway, I've been thinking a lot the last couple days about it and remembered that I had read that circumcision as done in Bible times is different than what they do today. Back then it was only a trimming of the skin at the end of the foreskin. The foreskin was pulled forward, not back, and trimmed off. This left a large amount of the foreskin still intact and it wasn't ripped away from the gland. Infact, there was so much intact that men during Roman (or Greek) times in the arena would pull their foreskin down so you couldn't tell they were circumcised. Because of this the religious leaders changed circumcision to be the removal of the whole foreskin so that people couldn't hide it. So what God ordained, and what is done today are two different things. God's way still allowed the gland to be protected so that pleasure wouldn't be lost. So, what I'm thinking is, unless I can find a trained person to perform a "Biblical" circumcision, which I probably won't be able to. I'd like to leave my boy intact. I'm still struggling if it's the right decision or not, and I might change my mind with more research, I don't even know why I"m writing all this, I just have no neutral people to talk to. All our friends circumcised their boys so I dont' want them to feel judged by me and other friends don't believe the same as us (in keeping Old Testament laws).
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